Treating Skin Conditions

Establishing whether a skin condition is psychological rather than an allergic or medical issue is the first step in determining whether hypnotherapy can help.

Some skin conditions can be extremely debilitating, having serious effects on the life of sufferers, affecting their physical and emotional well-being and their interaction with other people.

Left untreated, skin conditions can lead to social and anxiety disorders. Skin conditions can also be a reflection of people’s emotions, and stress can aggravate the symptoms.

Treating Skin Conditions, Soulworks Therapies

Types of skin conditions

There are three types of skin conditions: bacterial infections, viral infections and fungal infections.

Apart from general rashes, the most common conditions are:

Treating Skin Conditions

You should always see your doctor first, to deal with any underlying medical issues there may be. If undergoing hypnotherapy, your hypnotherapist would implement some of the following actions:

  • Try to create a remission from the symptom and then manipulate it, to remove it
  • Help the sufferer to recognise that others have the problem and heal, so gaining a positive outlook
  • Teach sufferers stress management skills to lessen the triggers that cause the problem
  • Treat the conditioned response of the condition (picking, scratching, self-esteem)
  • Discuss what it was like before the condition appeared
  • If the condition can’t be removed, manipulate its symptoms to reduce its effect.


Other treatments may include:

  • Self-help books, CDs and DVDs, and support groups
  • Educating the sufferer about how and why the problem occurs, as making them more aware affects the perspective of the condition and make it less worrying
  • Suggesting simple lifestyle changes to encourage a healthy and happy outlook
  • Alternative methods of relaxation and stress control, such as: deep breathing, relaxation, positive imagery, thought distraction, reducing stress, remaining positive, exercise.

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