I am so happy we found Miranda!
Our daughter’s fear of dogs and animals was growing as she did. We were desperate & needed help.

4 months on – our daughter held a dog, in her own time and her own way. She finally has her confidence for play dates and a happier child.

Thanks so much Miranda. We are forever greatful.


Sarah Wallace

I came to see Miranda to help me with my needle phobia after falling pregnant. I was blown away be the huge differences I felt when dealing with needles. I went from having huge panic attacks to even fainting to managing the anxiety and no longing having fear. Miranda was then able to offer me hypnobirthing. During the labour i was able to practise everything I was taught in my sessions, talk through my worries and have recordings to listen to. I had the most positive labour, I actually loved it and truly believe that Miranda enabled me to stay calm and enjoy the birth of my baby boy. Fast forward 8 months after the arrival of my baby and I am pregnant again and practising exactly what Miranda taught me. I cannot thank Miranda enough for all her help and can now manage a blood test with no fear!

Sarah Wallace

Miranda is a warm and generous practitioner

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Miranda is a warm and generous practitioner who has provided our family with an an amazing level of insightfulness, guidance and help. She can quickly establish bonds with young children and teens, and she gains positive results. We highly recommend her service.


I came to Miranda seeking treatment for my bruxism

I came to Miranda seeking treatment for my bruxism that has been an ongoing issue for the last 9 years. She was able to find the core issue for the bruxism with ease and tailor a plan to help me. Not only did Miranda help relieve the pain I was in she helped me understand that the power to change this involuntary habit is now in my power to do so. I felt so comfortable talking to her within the first few minutes of us meeting, she is calm, understanding, experienced and very professional. I am so grateful I stumbled onto her page and I would highly recommend her services to anyone!

Rebecca Blackburne

We were referred to Miranda by a Gastroenterologist

Miranda has worked wonders with our 11 year old boy who was suffering with a complex pain issue. We were referred to Miranda by a Gastroenterologist and I highly recommend her service. She is calm, insightful and her guiding support is a blessing. We can’t thank you enough, Miranda!


Miranda has been really great in helping me with a few problems

Miranda has been really great in helping me with a few problems I had. I could feel a noticeable difference after the first session, and after 3 sessions I can confidently say that the process has really helped me. Thank you so much Miranda, I will be returning for sure!


Can’t recommend Soulworks highly enough

Thank you Miranda for all you’re help and advice. Can’t recommend Soulworks highly enough.


I had some significant personal roadblocks

I had some significant personal roadblocks that were preventing me from moving forward in my life. Miranda was able to help me change my perception and emotional attachments around these issues and I feel so energised by now being able to finally focus my energy on more positive aspects of my life. Miranda really helped me to let go of old baggage!


I first took my son to Miranda about 5 years ago

I first took my son to Miranda about 5 years ago, it was life changing for him (and me as his mother). From this I have referred so many people to Miranda that I have lost count. She has helped my family and I, plus so many of my extended family and friends for a wide variety of issues from anxiety, grief and weight management. Forever grateful.


I found Miranda to be very down to earth

I have been an athlete competing in the amateur ranks representing Australia World Wide for several years. After turning professional in 2016 I commenced competing in the professional circuit this year (2017) in the USA. I was fortunate to do extremely well winning my professional debut but with this came a lot of self-imposed pressure, stress, anxiety and self-sabotage. I recently started seeing Miranda to assist me with my mindset and to stop sabotaging my future prospects. I found Miranda to be very down to earth, non-judgemental, understanding and extremely insightful. From my discussions with Miranda, NLP and Hypnotherapy I always left our sessions feeling calm, relaxed and abundantly positive. I truly appreciate my sessions with Miranda which have greatly assisted me in getting back on track and cease self-sabotaging behavior prior to returning to the USA to compete again.


There is a sense of calm she provides

What can I say, Miranda is a beautiful soul. The attentiveness she displays is beyond anything I have experienced before, having sought therapy in the past. There is a sense of calm she provides that is just incomparable to anything I have experienced before. I would recommend her again and again.


After one session with Miranda I became a non-smoker

I was a confirmed smoker for 20+ years, with many, many attempts to stop in the past (including hypnosis). After one session with Miranda I became a non-smoker and I still have no idea how she did it. I had a quick ‘booster’ session with her before going on holiday to a smoking environment, and even when my mother suffered a massive stroke, the last thing on my mind was picking up a cigarette. Thank you Miranda, for everything that you have given me back!


We both went to see Miranda to quit smoking

We both went to see Miranda to quit smoking. My husband smoked 30 to 40 cigarettes a day and we had both smoked for about 35 years. After trying unsuccessfully to quit many times using patches and Prescription meds, we went to see Miranda for hypnotherapy. That was 6 months ago and we haven’t touched a cigarette since. She is amazing. I never thought we could do it but it really works. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Miranda, worth every cent. We have saved so much money and feel so much healthier.

Linda and Joe

Miranda is amazing

Miranda is amazing, puts you at ease straight away, really listens. My eight year old son is completely trusting her as she helps him through ‘his stuff’. Thank you Miranda.


He really is experiencing being a child and having fun

Miranda, Liam has accomplished so much more in the short time since he saw you. He goes out feeling quite confident, on his own with friends. He really is experiencing being a child and having fun. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have recommended you to our friends and know you are there if I need any help or advice in the future.


You have helped me to be able to leave my family

Hi Miranda. You have helped me to be able to leave my family and know that I will be ok without them. When I went to camp I remembered what you said and I felt relaxed and safe. I had one of the best times of my life, and could never have done it without your help. I thank you very much.


I can honestly say I was a sceptic when it came to hypnotherapy

I can honestly say I was a sceptic when it came to hypnotherapy – I’ve been there, seen it and done it before and it hadn’t work for me. I was recommended to go and see Miranda so I could get over my phobia of flying and also to get my life back on track. I went along with little expectation…but WOW, was I wrong. I felt instantly comfortable and at ease talking to Miranda, I wasn’t told to lay down, clear my mind etc…. all of which I have trouble doing! Miranda was still able to work her ‘magic’ with me from the onset…in the first session! The following day, I felt energized, positive and really excited on where I was headed. My fear of flying seemed to dissipate more and more as each day progressed. Would I recommend going to see Miranda?…ABSOLUTELY! I am so grateful to my referrer for making me go, I am blown away with the results I have seen and am continuing to see as every day passes. Thank you, thank you Miranda – you have made a monumental difference in my life.


Such a lovely soul who will go out of her way to help anyone

I first came to see Miranda for pain management and ways to deal with pain as I had just broken my arm pretty severely and I was not coping. After my first session I had a few issues arise that where not related to what we originally intended to work on. My best friend told me I need to be as open as possible to Miranda if I wanted hypnotherapy to work. That evening I spoke to Miranda and organised to speak with her in relation to something I had to get off my chest. When I rocked up the next day we went into her room sat down and I was shaking soo much as I was sooo nervous and I had no idea how I was going to blurt it out. I finally plucked up the courage and told her I was gay and I had no idea what to do, how to move forward or how to tell my husband or family. I thought my world was collapsing and didn’t think I could move forward. I thought I was going to loose everything and everyone. We spoke for a few hours and worked out what we should work on in our next hypno session. We decided to work on me. I needed to come to terms with the way I was feeling and become more comfortable and confident within myself. I needed to understand that not everyone was going to hate me for the way I feel and for breaking up my family. There has never been any judgement or negativity from Miranda whatsoever. After a few sessions I felt more comfortable and happy within myself and gradually started to tell a few people at a time. I finally reached the point where I was able to let everyone know what was going on and how I felt and what I’ve been through so I wrote out a letter per say to everyone on my friends list on Facebook and told everyone I was gay. I would never in my wildest dreams have thought that I would receive the love and support that I received from so many people, friends and family. I would never have been able to do this without the love, guidance and continued support that I have received from Miranda. Such a lovely soul who will go out of her way to help anyone that is in such a hard place and guide them back to happiness and help them on their next journey in life. There is nothing in this world that would ever show how much I appreciate her help guidance and support. I thank you with all my heart!


I had THE most amazing session with you Miranda

When I came to you for hypnosis I was ready mentally to do whatever it took to get rid of this, I have tried and tried with every possible assistance to stop smoking, patches, spray, gum, pills, cold turkey, etc etc, so I was hopeful, but doubtful at the same time. I had THE most amazing session with you Miranda, not only the hypnosis, but our consultation beforehand was fantastic, you brought up some things that I had never realised before, and just the information that you gave me made sense and I reflect back on our chat quite often…It has been 13 days since I saw you and gee I feel like a different person. You seem to have flipped a switch in me that has given me the desire to be the person that I have wanted to be for so long. If I can just say that I have not seriously wanted to smoke at all, I have thought “oh, this is when I would had had a ciggie” but have never actually wanted to light up. I am eating so much healthier than I was, and am yearning for salads (which has not happened for a very long time!) instead of carb loaded food, which I find interesting because I am not making conscious decisions to buy salads, I truly just feel like eating one instead of a burger. Lastly I have so much more energy, and so far this week have walked 8 kilometres, which is not bad considering it is only Wednesday! I have not felt like this for a very long time…I don’t know how long I have been ‘existing’, it feels like a very long time looking back, but I am so happy to say that from when I saw you, I really feel that I have my ‘life’ back, and it’s great. I still have my sad moments, and my tears about my little sis, but I feel so much more positive as a person, and I feel able to handle, and honour it for what it is, instead of letting my grief dictate my life.


I was nervous at first about using hypnosis

I have to say I was nervous at first about using hypnosis, now it feels so obvious…I can manage my stress and I’ve begun to feel more at ease – my mind is back on a positive track. This worked when nothing else seemed too and your self hypnosis MP3 is really helpful. Thanks Miranda!


It has been that easy to become an ex-smoker

After 33 years of smoking, it really seemed time to say, enough! A few months ago, having decided I wanted to give up smoking I approached Miranda at Soulworks Therapies through a friends recommendation. The session with her was relaxed and very calming, it was almost disappointing when it was over! Well, that was in April, and I truly cannot believe it has been that easy to become an ex-smoker. I can’t tell you how proud I feel of myself, not to mention the value I now place in looking after myself after years heavy smoking.


Thank you so much for the hypnosis and NLP sessions

Thank you so much for the hypnosis and NLP sessions! Everything is still going great and I am smiling constantly. It really has helped and still helps so much!


My husband thought I was crazy for going to hypnotherapy

My husband thought I was crazy for going to hypnotherapy for weight loss but when he noticed how much happier I got and how quickly I was changing for the better, he fully supported me. Amazingly, his own life has become just so much easier and happier because I have changed so much…and am discovering the person I always wanted to be.


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