Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror mirror on the wall, Soulworks Therapies

This, I love. It beautifully sums up the courage, determination and will power of so many I have the privilege of working with, sometimes just in purest way, by setting the intention of seeking a helping hand.

It’s an interesting concept when all is good in our world – sometimes we don’t always recognise other peoples struggles or fears. It is always so easy for us to assume that helping ourselves to get better, be stronger, to change, to evolve or just simply to nurture ourselves is easy. But the reality for many is, it’s not, it’s scary, evokes fear and sometimes is just impossible to see through the fog that our issues or conditions create.

But of course everyone is different and has different processes. Some just push through and force themselves to heal, for others sometimes it is just a waiting game, where they wait for that ‘enough’ moment when enough is finally enough and they seek that restoration and then of course there is those that are able to ask for help or a loved one recognises the need and finally help is sought and the individual is extended the assistance to pull them through the mist and away from their struggles.

Regardless though, whether this is you or someone you recognise, we all have the ability to thrive, grow and live our life we choose ….. it’s just our journeys along the way and how we choose to travel that vary!



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