Hypnotherapy used to treat IBS – ABC’s 7:30 Report

Hypnotherapy for IBS, Soulworks Therapies

A great step of recognition for Hypnotherapists alike, as featured in the ABC’s 7:30 Report last Thursday night. Although, I missed the initial viewing, I was first made aware of the segment on the show by a new enquiry the following morning, so off I went to investigate further. It’s a wonderful head nod to the work that we do and the results that can be achieved not just for IBS but other complex ‘gut issues’.

“One in five Australians experiences irritable bowel syndrome – and yet it’s not a topic that gets the amount of public attention you’d think that would warrant. The symptoms are inconvenient, painful and often embarrassing. There’s no single cause, but more effective treatments are being developed, including now hypnotherapy.”

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