Hypnosis for Pain Relief

In hypnotherapy, we would never remove pain impulses completely, for pain is an essential warning mechanism.

We would analyse your particular situation and work with you to understand how and why the problem occurs, so making it easier to identify the issues and find ways to remove the pain.

Pain is an unpleasant sensation occurring in varying degrees of severity as a consequence of injury, disease or emotional disorder. While the reason for pain is often obvious, sometimes it is very difficult to identify the cause. Pain can be a major symptom in many medical conditions, significantly affecting a person’s quality of life and their ability to function.

Hypnosis for Pain Relief, Soulworks Therapies

There are three types of pain:

  1. Acute, short-term, pain: This tells us that something is wrong, and is usually easy to address, though acute pain may sometimes indicate something more serious.
  2. Persistent or chronic, long-term, pain: As this serves no purpose in warning us of injury, this distressing type of pain can have a strong negative effect on our life. It may affect what we do, our ability to work and our sleep patterns.
  3. Episodic pain: Some pains are recurrent or intermittent, and come and go.


Pain is a complex process, involving the interaction between our brain and every part of our body. Pain signals are transmitted through our bodies by ‘neurotransmitters’, chemical substances released at the ends of nerve fibres. Some neurotransmitters can block pain, some make it worse. Pain killers and other drugs can strengthen the effects of the positive neurotransmitters.

Because pain is so intricately linked with emotional centres in the brain, how we feel can affect our degree of pain. If angry, depressed or anxious pain can seem worse; if positive and happy, pain can seem less. While most pain goes once the cause is removed or the body has healed, sometime pain persists, for no apparent reason. Pain clinics can treat patients with chronic pain, helping sufferers to regain their quality of life.


There are a range of measures individuals can take to try to relieve their pain. These include:

  • deep breathing
  • relaxation
  • positive imagery
  • thought distraction
  • hot or cold compresses
  • reducing stress
  • remaining positive
  • taking exercise.


Professional treatment

You should always see your doctor first, to ensure proper diagnosis and deal with any underlying medical issues, and to establish that hypnotherapy is an appropriate treatment in your situation.

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