Hypnosis for Confidence

Hypnosis for confidence works. It is one of the most common issues people seek help with, and varies with improving self confidence, self esteem or value of self.

Our confidence, when it’s good it is the thing we take for granted the most, most of us don’t even think of it as a thing. However, when your confidence is lacking, diminished or even so poor that it has become non existence it is debilitating. It causes us to stop, to pause and not try. This in turn becomes a self-fulfilling cycle that then causes, stress, anxiety and a lack of self belief.

Learning to improving confidence and self esteem utilising various techniques within the Hypnotherapy process, like Neuro Linguistic Programming and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping) is a powerful and effective process. It is very common to see that once clients undergo their Hypnotherapy sessions, they quickly see a much needed increase in their confidence, belief in self and increasing self esteem.

Improve Confidence, Soulworks Therapies

Utilising Hypnosis for confidence provides them with a tool to enhance their life, to assist them to make the desired changes in life they want and need.

It doesn’t matter what caused the lack in confidence in the first place, whether it was a traumatic event or situation, a result of a difficult relationship, or a series of cummalative events that caused a lacking in belief in self. Our confidence can be regained and we can learn to build the resilence we need.

Common areas targeted in building confidence and self esteem:

  • Explore and increase self belief – visualise and affirm yourself in how you want yourself to be
  • Question and challenge that inner voice, your inner critic – is it true? What if it wasn’t?
  • Change the internal dialogue – learn to recognise and understand your physical composure – change your stance as you carry out your desired future action
  • Self care – learning confidence relies on great physical health, stable emotional health and active social health/interactions
  • Creating strong personal and physical boundaries – learning to say no
  • Teach others to respect your new personal boundaries
  • Increase your ability to do, to perform – whether it’s a skill set, a new behaviour, and old feared nemesis, learning to desensitise yourself to that old debilitating behaviour or thing.

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