COVID-19 = Business as usual … just tweaking technology

COVID-19 = Business as usual... just tweaking technology, Soulworks Therapies

With talk of COVID-19 unleashing is best, be it fear, chaos and panic, the world has forgotten to stop and take perspective of this thing.

We’ve all seen the ads to stop the chaos, and yet it continues and yes it’s still difficult to pause, draw breathe and maintain a sense of peace or clarity.

It’s in every news report and every conversation we seem to stumble upon. Creating uncertainty, triggering fears, phobia and amplify anxieties. BUT, in response to all this, we need to keep our heads. Maintain perspective, see it as a moment to adjust the way we do things.

If you are one of those, suddenly found in self isolation, see and utilise the time to heal, to rebalance or just enjoy the comforts of peace and isolation.

In 14 days you can achieve lots, it may just be the pause in time needed. So at Soulworks Therapies we are operating as normal, IT IS business as usual.

Client sessions are still being maintained, remember you always have a choice. My clients can still come to me, or if imposed in self isolation, sessions still continue, we just harness the luxury of the technology available. Sessions will and can be held via Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype or even FaceTime. We are just using either the technology you are most comfortable with or we’ll introduce you to something new, maybe an online option you’ve not thought of trying!!!




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